As part of AIC’s commitment to quality and innovation, AIC has its in-house Research and Development laboratories, where a team of qualified chemists and technicians are constantly striving to improve upon existing product ranges and developing new ones. Many of AIC’s new products are developed in conjunction with its’ customers, ensuring that the right products are innovated to do the right job. Moreover, quality performance is regularly reviewed with the clients and suppliers to ensure that AIC is constantly meeting the customers’ requirements.


Committed to a policy of continuous improvement, AIC has identified certain strategies where it can move into the future, focusing on maintaining the previous developments and continuously improving performance through combining all success factors such as:

  1. Deploying best practices in manufacturing and obtaining/upgrading international standards certificates; AIC is the first Palestinian organization to obtain ISO 14001 certificate in Environmental Management System.
  2. Ongoing training and capacity building of the technical and managerial personnel.
  3. Quality control procedures are strictly followed at the AIC facilities, from the receiving procedures of the raw materials until the delivery of the end products to customers and at every point within the cycle.
  4. Continuous improvement of products through professional Research and Development staff.
  5. Upgrading of production lines to cope with the fast developments of the industry.
  6. Periodic studies concerning the local and global market trends.


As the market leader, AIC is playing a major role in developing and improving the quality of the national industry through its representation of the sector in organizations such as the Palestinian Standards Institute and the Palestinian Federation of Chemical Industries.